We’re Back from Acapulco

When we left for Acapulco last week, we drove to the airport in a blinding snow storm only to return yesterday in yet another snow storm. How quickly the warmth of the beach drained away from us, but we had a wonderful time for the most part. The only reason that it was only for the most part is that we both got food poisoning while we were there that lasted about thirty-six hours. It hit us each at slightly different times over the two-day period, but we did our best not to let it dampen our mood or experience, although we spent those two days mostly idle at the resort trying to relax and recuperate as much as possible. Now that we’re done shoveling the snow from our driveway and trying to get back to a normal routine, we’ll share some of our experiences over the next few days. Here are just a few photographs from our trip to give you an idea of what the scenery was like during our stay.

Just One of the Beautiful Sunsets
Boats in the Marina
Margaritas on the Beach
Island Offshore
View from Our Room


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