Löwenburg Castle in Kassel, Germany

One of the first places that we visited when we were living in Frankfurt was to Kassel. Löwenburg Castle was also the first castle that we saw during our time there and it certainly didn’t disappoint as it is certainly a very interesting castle with a unique architecture. Located inside of Bergpark Wilhemshöhe, the castle grounds are quite beautiful and has great views of Kassel. We didn’t go inside of the castle because we visited on our own, but if you purchase a guided tour, it is possible to see the inside. The entire park is interesting with Schloss Wilhemshöhe, the Hercules Statue, and a large, fountain and water feature that cascades down the hillside, but Löwenburg Castle is certainly a highlight of the park.

Entrance to the Castle
Steep Steps on the Castle Grounds
Exterior of Löwenburg Castle
Walking Towards Löwenburg Castle
Views of Kassel from the Castle

Built in the late 18th century by Landgrave Wilhelm IX, the castle is partially in ruins, although there were some repairs going on during our visit there. Kassel is part of a route in Germany known as the Fairy Tale Road, with its connection to the Brothers Grimm, and walking the grounds of the castle will definitely take you back in time. The castle itself is actually an imitation of an old knight’s castle and apparently is really more of a country palace on the inside. Even so, it still draws tourists from around the world as well as Germany because of its fascinating features.

Interesting Architecture
Picturesque Grounds Around the Castle
Features of the Castle
Statue in a Garden
Boarded Up Windows

The gardens are also quite beautiful, especially the pathway that is covered by arching trees that create a tunnel-like feel. As you walk the paths around the castle, you can imagine how wonderful it must have been to live there with its amazing views and gorgeous grounds. Kassel is a wonderful city and certainly worth visiting while in Germany. If you do visit Kassel, Löwenburg Castle, as well as the entire Bergpark Wilhemshöhe, should definitely be the top of your itinerary. It is also worth visiting the Brothers Grimm Museum as well while you are in Kassel.

Trees Over the Path
A Mixture of Architectural Features
Obscured by the Ancient Trees
Intentional Damage to Replicate a Ruined Knight’s Castle
Steep Hills and Trees on the Castle Grounds


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