Glass Towers Around the World

We spend most of our time when we’re traveling focused on taking photographs of historic buildings and churches in the oldest parts of a city. While the architecture and style of these buildings are certainly quite beautiful, they aren’t always a true representation of everything about a city. Obviously, we always want to maintain the historic feel of the cities that have been around for centuries, but that doesn’t mean that the local people who live there don’t want to modernize and feel like they are part of the modern world. It is certainly a balancing act and you will often find the newer, more modern sections of a city, separated away from the old town sections in a way that almost creates a sense of two different cities, the old and the new. Obviously, most cities in the United States have skyscrapers with smooth glass windows creating unique reflections, but examples of these same styles can be found around the world. We’ll always be focused on the historic buildings when we travel, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t capture some of the new buildings as well.

Sunrise Reflecting on a Skyscraper in Frankfurt
Modern Hotel in La Paz, Bolivia
Glass Building in Cologne
One World Trade Center (Freedom Tower) in New York City
Glass Tower in Amsterdam
Reflections of Vienna
Reflections on Skyscraper in Chicago
Reykjavik, Iceland
Glass Building in Pittsburgh
Sunset Reflection in Cairo, Egypt
Las Vegas
Cityscape of Panama City, Panama


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  1. My first job out of the army was with PPG, a company that made [in addition to other things] architectural glass. I learned more than I expected when windows [not ours] started falling out of Boston’s John Hancock building.

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