‘Tis the Season for Food and Drink

It is that time of year when holiday parties are in full swing and generally people allow themselves a little bit of indulgences. There are a few favorites that we enjoy almost every year, whether at home or on the road. If we are traveling, we will sometimes seek out places that serve some of our holiday favorites just so that we don’t miss out on our traditional meals. We may not be big sweet eaters, but this is a time where we will sometimes give in and have some pies, cookies, or even candy. Here are a few of our favorite meals and drinks for this time of year.

Fondue in Zurich
  1. Prime Rib – If we’re at home, we will make a nice meal of prime rib and Yorkshire pudding. It is a simple meal that is elegant and is great for entertaining as it can feed a crowd. The leftovers are also great for cold sandwiches or even a hot French dip.

    Prime Rib with Yorkshire Pudding
  2. Snugglers – Hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps is a perfect way to warm yourself from the inside out. Whether ending a day of skiing, coming in from playing in the snow, or just a perfect ending to a cold day, this is a very festive drink.

    Snuggler with Peppermint Bark
  3. Apple Pie – At this time of year, warm apple pie with some vanilla ice cream is a wonderful treat. It is also good as a cobbler or a crumble with traditional spices that will remind you of the holidays. We did miniature versions so that everyone got their own individual pie.

    Apple Pie and Vanilla Ice Cream
  4. Mulled Cider – Spiking some mulled cider with some brandy or whiskey is another great way to get a taste of the season. Although we usually have it during the fall, it is also great all of the way through winter as well. It has many of the tastes of an apple pie, but in a drink.

    Enjoy the Spiked Cider in a Rocks Glass
  5. Pumpkin Cookies – Although many people have pumpkin pie at this time of year, we opt for cookies. We can share them with friends or take them to a party. They are easy to make and are soft and almost cake-like.

    Moist and Delicious
  6. Fondue – Whether an oil fondue, which is our tradition, or a cheese fondue, like we had in Switzerland, it is a very communal way of sharing a meal. There is something really festive about eating small bites of food while talking with friends and having a glass of wine.

    Our Fondue Table
  7. Gluhwein – We always enjoy going to the Christmas markets this time of year, whether in Europe or even here in the United States. If we’re not at a market, we will make ourselves mulled wine, which certainly reminds us of the wonderful Gluhwein that we had during our time in Germany.

    Gluhwein in Frankfurt

Regardless of your holiday traditions, food and drink is likely to be part of them. We have enjoyed learning about other traditions throughout the world, but that doesn’t keep us from gravitating back to the ones that have been part of our lives for years. Whatever your traditions, we hope that you have a wonderful holiday season.

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