Sharing the Road

As you travel away from the cities and get into the country, you will often encounter farm animals on the roads with you. We have seen herds of sheep on the road in both South America as well as Ireland, which makes sense as it an easy way to move them to market. For obvious reasons, you will often find cows wandering the streets in India and you simply have to make your way around them. In some occasions they are pulling carts, but other times they are just going along for the ride like some of the cows that we saw in Egypt. Over time, many of us have become removed from the animals that help sustain our lives, but these are subtle reminders that we are all part of the same world. So as you travel to rural places, always remember to share the road with our four-legged or even feathered friends that are on a journey of their own.

Sheep on the Road in Ecuador
Streets of Chennai, India
Driving Outside of Luxor, Egypt
Turkey and Rooster on Death Road in Bolivia
Sheep in Ireland
Along the Road in India
Close-Up of the Turkey
Sheep Hurrying Past Us


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