Creating Unexpected Results

Many of us point and click our cameras and cell phones as we are traveling and when we get a chance to look back at our photos, sometimes the photos capture something different than what our eyes actually saw. Often these are happy accidents where the images turn out to be quite special and other times we are disappointed because it seemed so special at the time. We usually use auto-focus when traveling since we don’t always have time to stop and manually focus, which means that the camera might choose to focus on something different than intended. Also, the lighting might change how the image appears once we get a chance to look back at the photo. For this week’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, which is Horizontal Lines, we have decided to share some of our unintended results. Have you ever been pleasantly surprised by a photograph after you go back and look at the pictures that you have taken that day?

Ice Skating on Sidewalks in Vienna
Standing in the 9/11 Museum Entrance in New York
DSC_6657 - Copy
Ceiling in Cairo
Sun Setting on a Ship in Puerto Vallarta
Frozen Air on Stairs in Romania
Christmas Tree on a Restaurant Wall in Strasbourg
Longing for the Beach in India


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