Traveling to New Places is Addictive

There are many reasons to travel from understanding different cultures, learning about history, seeing the natural beauty of the world, to many more. One of the more selfish reasons for traveling and going to new places around the world is that it just makes you feel good. Once you get over the stress of travel itself and actually are spending time in a new location, there is a sense of awe and enjoyment that can’t help but make you smile. When you smile, your body releases endorphins that make you feel good, which is why travel can become so addictive. In the same way that an adrenaline junky can’t get enough travel because of the endorphins that get released when doing risky activities, the same things occur to people who truly enjoy traveling.

At the Colosseum in Rome
Afternoon in Prague
At a Volcano in Ecuador
Plaza in Old Town Strasbourg

When we look back at photographs of ourselves from our travels, there is no doubting as to whether it makes us happy. We usually have broad smiles on our faces and a general look of contentment. There is no doubt that we have conditioned ourselves to traveling and most definitely have the travel bug. Oddly enough, when we look at our selfies, which we don’t always take, it is almost as if we have the exact same poses and faces in every single one of them. Because we travel over the winter quite frequently, we also have the same coats and scarves on in many of them as well. Do you look the same in your travel photos or do you do random poses?

Sunny Day at the Acropolis in Athens
Cold Day in Iceland
On a Bridge in Nuremberg
The Canals of Amsterdam


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