Sweet Memories

We are firm believers that if you stay young at heart, you will have a happier life in general. We try to stay energetic and push our boundaries wherever possible. We also try to view the places that we visit with same sense of awe and wonder of a child. One our favorite memories was of our 20th wedding anniversary when we went to Disney World without any children. It was an opportunity for us to really let our inner children out and have that sense that anything is possible. We went on many different rides and went to the various theme parks, thoroughly enjoying each of them. One of the ones that was especially enjoyable was Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park where memorable scenes from movies come to life before your very eyes. One movie that is definitely part of our childhoods is the Wizard of Oz and when we were in London several years ago, we even went to see a performance of Wicked in the West End Theatre District. So, when were in Disney World and saw scenes from the Wizard of Oz, it brought back wonderful memories from our childhood. It isn’t easy to take photos from a moving ride, but for this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge of Sweet, we have chosen a few pictures that we took from that section of the ride. There were many other memorable sights during that ride, but these brought back a wonderful range of emotions.

Wicked Witch
Animated Characters
Follow the Yellow Brick Road


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