Taking Random Photos

Just like everyone else, when we travel we take photos of all of the major sites to see as well as a selfie here and there. We love taking photos of the various architecture, cityscapes, landscapes, and major landmarks. With that said, we often take random photos that don’t necessarily represent the place that we are visiting. If we happen upon some beautiful flowers, perhaps a courtyard with a fountain, or perhaps just an interesting scene or group of people. Although the photos don’t necessarily represent the place that we are visiting, we find the pictures interesting never the less. This week’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge are photos that contain the words that contain a U and an O, so we have decided to share some random photos that we took while we were in Quito. Do you ever take photos of random things while you are traveling?

Flowers in a Park
Shoeshine Boys Relaxing in the Town Square
Flowered Trees in a Courtyard
Art on the Side of a Building
Cuddling Parrots
Colorful Flower
Guarding a Protest
Bright Orange Flowers


11 thoughts on “Taking Random Photos

  1. Random photos can tell a story or give the viewer a sense of place that an iconic building alone can’t provide. Love the photo of the shoeshine boys, the policia, and the art on the building along with the beauty of the flowers and parrots. Nice reminder to insert random photos in my posts. They do no good on my hard drive.

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