Gone in an Instant

Sunsets are like a lot of moments in life where, in the moment, everything is serene and beautiful, but then suddenly it is over. Taking photographs of the places that you visit helps to capture those moments, but it is never quite the same as it is when you are actually experiencing it. Whether standing on a beach and feeling the warm sun on your skin and smelling the salty air or standing on the top of a mountain feeling the cold air and looking at the snow covered peaks, each moment is more than can be captured by an image on film.

Sunset over the Jungle in the Amazon
Sunset in the Costa Del Sol in Spain

Perhaps because it comes at the end of the day, after experiencing everything that a place has to offer, watching sunsets provide us with that sense of calm and allow us to truly embrace the place we are visiting. One of our most memorable sunsets was when we were in the Amazon jungle at the Napo Wildlife Center in Ecuador. Climbing to the top of the observation deck and seeing the sky turn brilliant oranges and reds over the tops of the canopy of the rainforest was truly quite magical. Another of our favorite sunsets was when we were standing on the beach in southern Spain and the sun dipped down over the Mediterranean Ocean. The sunsets in Strasbourg, France, and Athens, Greece, were equally spectacular.

Sunset in Strasbourg, France
Sunset over the Acropolis in Athens, Greece

This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is Temporary. Although the moments have past, the memories are still just as vivid and we remember these sunsets as though they were yesterday. Do you have any special sunset memories?

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