Petite France (Quartier des Tanneurs) in the City of Strasbourg

When visiting Strasbourg in France, one of the highlights will certainly be walking the streets of Petite France, which is the historic quarter of the city. The medieval buildings with their timbered exteriors will truly make you feel as though you’ve stepped back in time. You should definitely expect large crowds as you make your way through the streets, but there are plenty of shops and restaurants to visit as you wonder through the district.

Street Leading Into Petite France in Strasbourg
Medieval Architecture and Narrow Streets
One of the Christmas Markets
Historic Courtyard
Walking Along the Canal

In addition to the beautiful architecture, there are several canals that meander through the quarter with stone bridges across them. There are also several companies that offer river boat sightseeing tours that are well worth doing. We visited during the holiday season, so the stores were adorned with extra decorations to celebrate the season. It also meant that there were Christmas markets in the area with gluhwein, sausages, and sweet treats. Although Strasbourg borders Germany and has been influenced by both France and Germany, they are truly Alsace and proud to be so.

Decked Out for the Holidays
River Boat Tour
Crossing the Canal
Busy Crowds Walking the Streets
Surprises Around Every Corner

We enjoyed seeing other medieval towns in the area, including Eguisheim and Riquewihr, but even if you don’t get out into the countryside, walking through Petite France in Strasbourg is an amazing experience. We were in Strasbourg for several days and enjoyed walking through the historic district several different times, each providing a unique surprise as we turned down a different side street.

More Holiday Decorations
Buildings at Dusk
Historic Church
Absolutely Beautiful Architecture
We Really Enjoyed Walking the Streets

Strasbourg, France – Medieval Charm with Wonderful Architecture

With historic streets lined with timber framed buildings, Strasbourg is a beautiful city that will transport you back in time. Sitting on the border of France and Germany, the city has been under the control of both nations at different times in it’s history, but it maintains a uniquely independent nature. Strasbourg is also the largest city in Alsace and it is the official seat of the European Parliament.

Buildings Along the Canal
The Tower of the Notre-Dame Cathedral of Strasbourg
Decorated for the Holidays
Medieval Architecture
Sunset in Strasbourg

The Notre-Dame Cathedral of Strasbourg dominates the skyline of the city and its tower made it the tallest building in the world for hundreds of years. Although less famous than the Notre-Dame Cathedral of Paris, it is a beautiful example of the classic Gothic architecture. In addition to the stained glass windows and religious artwork, the cathedral also houses an astronomical clock that was built in the 1800’s. The current clock is the third to be built in the cathedral and is as fascinating as the one that can be found in Prague.

Inside the Cathedral
Astronomical Clock
Gothic Architecture
Stained Glass Windows
The Cathedral Tower Can Be Seen for Miles

Without a doubt, the highlight of visiting Strasbourg is simply walking the streets of the old town and seeing the medieval architecture. Sitting on the Rhine river, there are many canals within the city and we would certainly recommend taking a river sight-seeing tour of Strasbourg to gain a different perspective. Although not as ornate as the cathedral, St. Thomas’ Church in the heart of old town is just as fascinating with its clock tower and unique architecture.

Courtyard in Old Town
River Boat Tour
View from a Bridge
Timber Framed Buildings
Walking the Streets

There are many options for dining in Strasbourg as well, whether you are in the mood for classic French cuisine or would prefer some authentic German dishes. If you are a fan of wine, you won’t be disappointed as the city is close to the start of the Wine Road of Alsace with many vineyards in the region. Even if you don’t drive down the entire route, it is certainly worth going for a wine tasting while you are in the area.

Holiday Spirit
Sidewalk Artwork
Palais Rohan
Cathedral Sculptures
Classic Gothic Window

Obviously, there are many towns that maintain their medieval architecture, but Strasbourg is certainly one of the prettiest. We happened to visit during the holiday season and many of the various shops and hotels were adorned with elaborate, festive decorations. Regardless of the time of year, you should expect large crowds of tourists in the area, but especially during the summer when people flock to the area because of the wine road.

Chapelle Saint-Leon IX in Eguisheim, France

The town of Eguisheim is one of the medieval towns located on the Wine Road near Strasbourg, France. Located in the heart of the town is the Capelle Saint-Leon IX, which is a beautiful church with a colorful interior and interesting stained glass windows. The church is dedicated to Pope Leo IX who came from Eguisheim and was pope from 1049 to 1054. These historic churches are always worth visiting as they as they are a window into life hundreds of years ago.

The Front of the Chapel

Colorful Columns and Stained Glass Windows

Statue in Front of the Chapel

Entering the Chapel

The Chapelle Saint-Leon IX was built in the neo-Roman style in 1894 providing an excellent example of churches of the era. The chapel has beautiful stained glass windows that date back to 1895 as well as colorfully painted walls and ceilings depicting seven scenes from the life of Pope Leo IX. In addition to the interior, the colorful roof, bell tower, and architecture are also quite wonderful. Since it is located near the main fountain in the town square, there are also several restaurants near the chapel that serve a variety of local food.

Depicting the Life of Pope Leo IX

Stained Glass Windows

One of the Streets Heading Away from the Chapel and the Town Square

Ceiling Above the Altar

It is certainly worth taking time to see the Chapelle Saint-Leon IX when visiting quaint town of Eguisheim. As with most European towns, the church is literally and figuratively the heart of town and a focal point for all celebrations. We visited in the month of November, so there was a wonderful Christmas market located along the walls of the church. The chapel itself will only take about twenty minutes to see, but from there you should wander the narrow streets that spread out from the town square.

Looking Up at the Ceiling

Christmas Market Surrounding the Chapel

Statue of St. Leo Inside of the Chapel

View of Chapelle Saint-Leon IX

Medieval Street Next to the Chapel