The First Glimpse of Someplace New

When traveling to someplace new, the first glimpse of that location is often out of the window of a plane. There is nothing like the excitement that you feel when you hear the plane going into the final approach of your destination. As the ground gets closer and the various sights come closer into view, it becomes a reality that you are about to see a new place that you haven’t visited before. Often the landscape looks the same as other places you may have gone to before, but there is always something different about this new city or country as it comes into view. For this week’s Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge, we are sharing some photos from recent flights and our first views of cities.

Landing in Frankfurt, Germany
Flying over La Paz, Bolivia
Flying over the Mountains of Northern Italy
Getting Ready to Land in Vienna, Austria
Our First Glimpse of Greece
Flying into Cochabamba, Bolivia

3 thoughts on “The First Glimpse of Someplace New

  1. Whenever possible, I always choose the window seat for exactly the same reason. The excitement builds up as soon as the landscape, houses, temples, churches, mosques, and other buildings come into view. That curiosity for new, foreign places is part of the reason why we travel, isn’t it?

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