Cooking Like a Local

Not only are there a lot of different styles and tastes of food around the world, but there are also a wide variety of cooking styles. It isn’t always easy to find the proper cooking utensils or replicate the cooking techniques, but we try our best. We also look for opportunities to buy local cookware while we are traveling, if possible. When we were in Morocco, we looked for and found a tajine in the markets. There were definitely plenty to choose from and it is as decorative as it is functional. We would have loved to have purchased a set of dishes while we were there as well, but it is hard to bring that much home with you on such a long trip.  On that same trip, we had a day layover in Zurich, Switzerland, and went out for an authentic fondue meal and came close to buying a fondue pot from the restaurant since they sold them, but decided that we could get that at home. This week’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is Dishes, Pots, Pans, Silverware, so here are a couple of photos from the market in Morocco.

Tajines and Dishes for Sale in Morocco
View of the Market

Finally, here is a photo from our dinner in Zurich.

Fondue in Zurich

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