The Land of Fire and Ice

We have had several friends visit Iceland recently and have enjoyed seeing their images, which are from the spring and summer, although they are completely different than the Iceland that we saw. It is amazing how the time of year that you visit a location can dramatically effect the opinions that you might have of that place. If we could, we would visit places in every season of the year, just to see the differences. What we enjoyed about visiting Iceland in the winter was that it truly illustrated that nickname of the land of fire and ice is truly deserved. This week’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is Hot and/or Cold and watching the geysers erupt on the Golden Circle is a wonderful memory that evokes that wonderful contradiction in our minds. Nature provides such magical experiences.

The Famous Geysir
Coming to a Boil
Blowing Off Some Steam
Geysir Erupting
Fire and Ice


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