Sweet Rewards

We don’t usually eat sweets or desserts, but occasionally we do indulge in something a little decadent. During our time in Europe, we did allow ourselves to have a few special treats. Obviously, we couldn’t leave Germany without having apple strudel, but we also love a good cheesecake, so that is often our go-to dessert when we do decide to have something sweet.

Apple Strudel
Traditional Cheesecake
Custard Tart with Fresh Fruit

Even though we may not have dessert very often, one thing we learned was that European’s definitely make wonderful cakes, pies, and other sweets. We would have loved to try even more of the incredible sweets that we saw, but we were too often full from the heavy meals of the season. We will just have to schedule a return trip so that we can try even more specialties.

Strudel Variation
Raspberry Cheesecake
Apple Cake

Perhaps in the future, we will skip the main meal so that we can concentrate on the various pastries, cakes, custards, and pies. Until then, we will just have to look back fondly at what we were able to enjoy.

Sweet to Share
Sticky Delight
Simple but Delicious


6 thoughts on “Sweet Rewards

  1. I don’t have a sweet tooth, so usually skip dessert. However, if there is creme brulee, or anything with raspberries, I may succumb. When I was in Austria I felt I had to eat cake at least once, and wrote that the Esterhazy torte seemed to be a delivery vehicle for immense amounts of cream!

    In my experience appetizers are often better than main courses, so you could opt for one or two appetizers and dessert and skip the main course.

  2. Argh… i should not read this post at night 🙂 There is one German cake that I can add to this “dangerous” list: the Schwarzwaldkuchen or the Black Forest Cake – chocolate sponge cake sandwiched with whip cream and topped with cherry. Yummy!

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