Looking Back and Looking Forward

As we continue to get settled back into our lives here in Colorado, we are weighing a lot of options for our future. Obviously travelling and sharing our adventures will continue to be our highest, non-work priority, but we are still reinventing ourselves on a daily basis. We are very excited about the possibilities that lay in front of us as much as we are nervous about some of the uncertainties that are facing us in the near-term. We haven’t participated in Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge for a couple of weeks, so we were determined to make sure that we took the time this week to get an entry in for View from the Back, Bottom, our Underneath. We decided to use a photo that we took on one of the first major trips since we started our blog, which was to Iceland last February. We have to admit that this wasn’t taken with particular purpose in mind, but we took it while looking back towards one of the churches that we saw as we drove along the coast of Iceland.

Taking a Picture from Behind Ourselves


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