Change Your Perspective

We have mentioned before that we like taking photos from above the places that we are visiting, that it provides a unique perspective that can’t be found from just walking the streets. The also is true when flying, when you get a chance to see cities, towns, or the countryside in unique and different ways. For this week’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, Looking Down at Things, we found some recent examples that remind us of how lucky we have been to visit so many amazing places. The first photo is actually of a sunset where the sun was setting below the clouds during our flight to Athens in January. We also chose a photo of the Carpathian mountains from our flight home from Romania. Finally, we chose photos from Paris and Amsterdam from the past couple of weeks. We hope that you enjoy the images as much as we enjoyed having the opportunity to capture them.

Sunset Below the Clouds
Carpathian Mountains
Old Streets, Modern Paris in the Distance
Amsterdam from the Roof of Our Hotel


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