Three Days in Athens, Greece

We have had an amazing time over the past eleven days.  Prague was an magical place to spend Christmas and Athens was equally special for New Year’s weekend. One of the things that we didn’t expect was that the entire city of Athens would shut down for New Year’s Day, including all of the temples and monuments. Luck would have it that our last full day would have the most beautiful weather of our trip and we made the most of it by seeing everything on our list in a single day. It was exhausting and we will definitely sleep well tonight. We feel like a broken record for stating that we will provide greater detail about the sights that we have seen and the history behind these wonderful places, but it seems that as soon as we get back home, to Frankfurt, we are one foot out of the door to our next location. When the opportunity arises, we will put out endless posts with all of the information that we wish we could share, but for now you will just have to view a few pictures and join us for this wild and crazy ride 😉.

As We Walked Up Towards the Acropolis
Just Amazing
We Were Very Happy
Stepping Back in Time
The Sun is Setting on this Particular Trip


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