On the Road to Nowhere

Perhaps we just needed to think about someplace warm as the days here in Frankfurt have gotten fairly cold, or maybe just for a change of pace from castles and Christmas markets, we decided to take a journey back to Bolivia for Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge this week. There are times when traveling that you get driven around instead of driving yourself and Bolivia and India both stand out in our minds when it comes to that as we had no desire to drive in either location. This week we decided to share some images that were taken from the back of the van that our guides drove as we traversed the jungles and mountains of Bolivia. We chose photos that were taken through the driver’s window so that you could get a sense of the roads that we were traveling. Some of them were quite harrowing. All of these were from our trip to Carrasco National Park. Obviously we had done Death Road while were in Bolivia, but this should give you an idea of what the “normal” roads were like.

Don’t Think About Passing. Oh, But They Did
Truck after Truck after Truck
How are We Supposed to Get Through?
Heading to Our Eco-Lodge
Middle of Nowhere


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