When is a Door not a Door?

When we were in Chennai, India, several years ago, we had come across a store that sold interesting antiques. One of the most unusual items that we came across were tables that had been made out of antique doors. We came extremely close to purchasing this particular table and, in hind sight, regret not making the purchase. The thought of having to pay for shipping ended up discouraging us from making this unique piece of furniture part of our home decor.  Lesson learned, in the future we’re not going to let the logistics and costs of shipping keep us from purchasing something that we truly wanted to purchase.  Obviously that wouldn’t happen too often, but there are just times when you find something so special that you just need to bite the bullet and make the decision to get it.  Since we didn’t buy, we’ll just have to go back to Chennai someday and see if we can find it again.

The Table We Wish We'd Bought
The Table We Wish We’d Bought

So, this is our entry into this week’s Discover Challenge – The Story Behind a Door

2 thoughts on “When is a Door not a Door?

  1. Unusual, very ornate. The idea of decorative doors as tables is a good one: with that in mind, I’m sure you’ll find something just as attractive – probably different – in your many future travels!

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