Daily Post Photo Challenge – Curves

There is something tragically beautiful about bullfighting rings.  This is the bullfighting ring in Seville, Spain, which is a spectacular stadium with it high, curving arches and bright orange sand.  One can almost imagine the torero in his brightly decorated outfit gracefully guiding the bull with almost dance-like qualities.  So, we chose this photo of the ring for our entry into this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge.

Bullfighting Ring in Seville, Spain
Bullfighting Ring in Seville, Spain

18 thoughts on “Daily Post Photo Challenge – Curves

  1. First of all, this is a beautiful picture. It looks very similar to the bullring in Madrid as well. About the same size, perhaps a tad bit smaller. Second, I have to confess that I love the bullfight as a spectacle. Maybe that’s due to my upbringing – I have both Spain and US citizenship and grew up watching the bullfights. It’s not PC to enjoy anymore, outside of Spain, Mexico and a few other places. But for me, it still gets the heart beating …

  2. It’s a famous dramatic setting and your elegant photo does it honour – we can just hear the music and imagine the pageantry. It’s survived so far, a remnant of our …. less “civilised” instincts? With apologies to aficionados – I used to be fascinated by bullfights in my youth. Actually the best bullfights and most knowledgeable audiences I ever saw were in Mexico City!.

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