Unique Geological Features Around the World

We enjoy seeing a variety of natural wonders as we travel to different parts of the world. It is often the case that these unique features are associated to the forces that are constantly changing the landscape, but often take thousands of years to create. We have many interesting geological formations right near where we live as well as those that we’ve seen during our travels. Obviously this is just a sampling of the different features that we have seen, but we find the varieties as well as similarities to be quite interesting. What is the most unique geological feature that you have seen during your travels?

Moon Valley in La Paz, Bolivia
Halong Bay in Vietnam
Westfjords Glacier in Iceland
View of Delicate Arch in Utah
Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs
Fascinating Ceiling of a Cave
The Arch at Cabo San Lucas in Mexico
Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming
Quilotoa Volcanic Crater in Ecuador
Grand Prismatic Lake in Yellowstone National Park
Paint Mines Interpretive Park near Colorado Springs
Rock of Gibraltar
Lava Rock Formations at Lóndrangar in Iceland
Formations and Ceiling in a Cave in Vietnam