Pha That Luang – Golden Buddhist Stupa in Vientiane Laos

Located in the heart of Vientiane, the capital of Laos, is an enormous, golden stupa dedicated to Buddha. Built in the 1500’s, the stupa has a holy relic that is believed to be the breastbone of the Lord Buddha, making it a great national treasure of the Laotian people. At one time the entire stupa was supposed to be made of gold, but today only the top pinnacle is covered with gold leaf while the rest of it is painted gold.

Praying at Altar Outside of the Stupa
Photograph on Display of the Buddhist Festival in November
Amazing Architecture

Stupas are shrines that house relics or ashes of Buddhist monks or in special cases like Pha That Luang, the Lord Buddha himself. Several wars have caused significant damage to the stupa and it has been repaired and rebuilt several times. What you see today was rebuilt following WWII and is truly an impressive sight. In November, there is a Buddhist festival that brings thousands of people to Vientiane for three days of celebration. Our visit was actually about a week after the celebration had finished.

One of the Altars
Very Dramatic Pha That Luang
Golden Pinnacle

Walking the grounds of Pha That Luang only takes about an hour, but it is definitely a highlight of any visit to Vientiane. You will often find people making offerings to Buddha and praying as you visit this historic site. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, Pha That Luang is beautiful and the architecture is quite fascinating.

Buddha Statue Made of Gold
The Entrance to the Stupa Grounds
Our First View of Pha That Luang from Outside of the Exterior Wall


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