Casting a Long Shadow

When you have significant influence over other people or events in the world, you are considered to “cast a long shadow”. Today, in the social media world, these people are just called influencers. Regardless of whether we would be considered to be influencers, we do follow several people who are and use them as role models. It isn’t easy to tell how far your shadow actually reaches as it is just a metaphor and not something truly tangible. Often times, people have greater influence than they actually realize. What if you could actually see the shadow that you cast? We love the way shadows provide a different perspective at times and perhaps seeing your own influence would change your perception of the things that you do on a daily basis.

Inadvertently Capturing Our Shadow in Iceland
Balancing Rock in India
Shadows Stretching from the Temple of Olympian Zeus
Light and Shadows in Cochabamba, Bolivia
Colonial Building and Shadows in Pennsylvania
Shadows Across a Trail in Colorado
Temple Column Shadows in Edfu, Egypt