Where To Next?

How do you select your next travel destination?

5 thoughts on “Where To Next?

  1. We have a very long list of places we would like to see… so we first see what the circumstances of the specific country/place is at the moment. Like Poland was top on our list, and then the war in Ukraine started, so we rather decided to park that for a while… Then we look at the costs, especially flights, and decide from there. Currently we are planning to go to Montenegro/Albania/North Macedonia… but the flights are rather expensive from South Africa. So it might be less expensive to rather just go to the south of Italy. Flights to Rome is less expensive… So yes, these are types of decisions you have to make… But you should have that list! (I don’t like the term “bucket list” :-))

  2. Forest of Words

    The list for me is truly never ending… it is not where but when… the where is just eye candy for exploration! #historymysteries

  3. Usually, we think of the long wish list of travel destinations in our heads and decide which one most makes are hearts most go a-flutter. For instance, we know where we’re traveling in 23, 24, and 26, but 2025 is open and I’m currently weighing up options. It’s hard, though. My heart is fluttering at, like 3-4 different choices!

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