Exploring More of Central Park in New York City

We have walked through Central Park during our previous trip to New York, but if you’ve been to Central Park before, you’ll know that it is huge. There is so much to see throughout the park and we saw very little of it on our first trip. We still only made it about halfway through the park this time, but we did take time to explore more and see so many interesting features, including Belvedere Castle. It was hot and sunny as we walked through the park, so the shade of the trees was very welcome and we once again went to Loeb Boathouse for a glass of wine before heading back to our hotel.

Belveder Castle
Womens Rights Pioneers Monument
Statue of Walter Scott
Chess Board at the Chess and Checkers House
Vendor Selling Paintings

There are many fascinating statues within Central Park including the Mall and Literary Walk and the Women’s Rights Pioneers Monument. We turned towards Belvedere Castle after passing by the King Jagiello Monument. Central Park truly is an oasis in the middle of such a large and vibrant city. Although our recent visit to New York was more about going to unique and different locations than the typical tourist spots, we couldn’t help but go back to the park and wonder along the many different paths.

Oasis in the City
King Jagiello Monument
Fountain by Loeb Boathouse
Near One of the Park Entrances
Tower at Belvedere Castle

With so many different trails and the sheer size of Central Park, it could be easy to get lost as you wonder around. With that said, what better way to spend an afternoon than losing oneself in this beautiful park. We spent our first afternoon after taking the train from Baltimore to New York strolling through the park and admiring all of the nature and statues.

Statue of Columbus
Adorable Squirrel
Fitz Greene Halleck Statue
Couple of Glasses of Wine
Large Shade Tree
Tunnel in the Park
Another View of Belvedere Castle
Central Park

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