The Various Styles of Bridges Around the World

Wherever you travel, one of things that it almost always on the list of the things to see in a city will be a historic bridge. Obviously, bridges serve an important function to allow people to cross rivers or large crevasses safely. Over time, though, they became places to display art and statues or were dedicated to honor famous citizens of a city. We have seen many fascinating bridges over the years and it would be hard for us to choose a favorite. Whether it is the height of the bridge in Ronda, the uniqueness of Ponte Vecchio in Florence, or the artwork of the Charles Bridge in Prague, they are all beautiful in their own way. The beauty of bridges isn’t isolated to Europe as we have seen many interesting bridges in the US as well in places like Chicago and Pittsburgh. What is the most interesting bridge that you have seen?

Ronda, Spain
View of the Chain Bridge from Castle Hill in Budapest
Cologne, Germany
Bridge to Jade Island
Medieval Bridge in Nuremberg, Germany
Bridge with Restaurant in Bratislava, Slovakia
Chicago, Illinois
Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy
Yellow Bridges in Pittsburgh
Charles Bridge in Prague
Bridge in La Paz, Bolivia
Bridge on a Mountain Trail

6 thoughts on “The Various Styles of Bridges Around the World

  1. Very cool idea. I’ve been to the ones in Prague, Budapest and Bratislava. I think the Bratislava is called some UFO tower or something.

    As someone from the San Francisco area, I am also very sad that you left out our bridge from your post, hehe. (Just kidding).

  2. Lovely collection.My son just spent a semester in Budapest so I was showing him and asking about the Chain Bridge. He said that it was unfortunately under construction the entire time he was there. Bad luck!

  3. Very good idea and post, bridges are very much representative of lots of places..I hope to make it to Pittsburg one day, will remember this 🙂

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