New Year, New Optimism

We can probably all agree that 2021 was only marginally better than 2020, but it was at least a little bit better. Almost everyone that we speak to seems to have taken on the mantra that 2022 is the year where things truly do get better, but let’s not use the term “normal” as that has really become meaningless. We are hopeful to have more trips in the coming year, although we are still starting to plan where we might want to visit. Even with all of the current instability and unknowns, it does seem as though borders have opened up enough that people can get out and explore the world once again. Perhaps not everyplace, but at least enough to expand our horizons and enjoy new adventures.

Baltimore’s Inner Harbor Area
Architecture in Historic Baltimore
Street Art in Baltimore

In addition to looking forward to some meaningful travel that will take us to exciting new places, we are also planning on moving our “galactic headquarters” from Colorado to Baltimore in the coming months (the photographs are from our November trip to Baltimore to explore the area). This will obviously keep us busy for a little while as we plan the change and make the actual move but getting to the east coast will provide us new and exciting opportunities. We are actually coming full circle in a way as we met each other and started our adventures in life in Maryland and coming back there will be a sort of homecoming in ways.

Restaurant on the Water
Buildings Along the Harbor
Neighborhood Street

Although we are still taking things day-to-day and month-to-month, we are truly optimistic about what lays ahead in the coming year. Life is an adventure of its own and any travel that we can do in addition is just icing on the cake. We may not have a trip as big as our African safari last year, but hopefully there will be many more trips for us to enjoy this year. Are you feeling optimistic about the coming year?

Baltimore Train Station
Town Homes Along the Water

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