The Amazing Birds of East Africa

As much as we enjoyed seeing all of the large animals in East Africa, we also saw an amazing assortment of birds. Whether the fascinating ostriches, different waterfowl like the flamingos, or other colorful birds, it was as interesting seeing all of the different birds as it was to see lions, rhinos, and giraffes. It wasn’t until we arrived back home and had time to go through all of our photographs that we realized how many different birds we were able to capture images of. We knew before we went to Tanzania and Kenya that we we would see ostriches and flamingos, but the sheer number of colorful and interesting birds that we saw was almost overwhelming.

Large Pelican Relaxing in the Water
African Fish Eagle
Ostrich in the Late Afternoon Sun
Helmeted Guineafowl
Lovebirds Flocking to a Tree
Colorful Saddle-Billed Stork
Flamingos Walking in the Shallow Water
Pair of Vultures Walking Towards Us
Egret Standing on the Head of a Hippo

Just like all of the animals that we saw during our safari, the birds really didn’t care about the presence of humans as they went about their business. Whether it were the flocks of helmeted guineafowl, the grey crowned cranes, or even the vultures chasing away a hyena to get their fill of a fresh kill, seeing the birds in their natural environment was quite fascinating. Even seeing something as simple as the lovebirds as they flocked to a tree was amazing in the surroundings of the African grasslands.

Secretary Bird with Colorful Face
Pair of Grey Crowned Cranes Snuzzling
African Spoonbill
Egyptian Goose Staring at Us
Red-and-Yellow Barbet Sitting on a Bench
Yellow-Billed Stork
Pair of African Fish Eagles in the Setting Sun
Heron Next to a Baby Crocodile
Crowned Lapwing

Even though there is nothing like seeing the large cats and other large animals in the wild, seeing all of these different birds was special in their own way. Some of the birds were quirky, some traditional, and others down right scary, they are all part of the ecosystem that makes East Africa unique. Many of them actually ride on the backs of the larger animals like elephants and hippos as they wait for them to disrupt the insects and cause them to leap into the air for the birds to catch.

Giant Kingfisher with a Crab
Egret Riding on an Elephant
Superb Starling on a Rock
Black-Headed Heron
African Spoonbill Fishing
Aggressive Vulture
Yellow-Billed Stork Catching a Fish
Kori Bustard Walking in the Grass
Ducks Along the Water
Pelicans Taking Flight
African Sacred Ibis

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