Going on Leisurely Hikes During the Autumn Season

We love hiking year-round, but it can be especially rewarding during autumn when the leaves are changing to their vibrant colors. We are heading to Park City, Utah this coming weekend and we are expecting to see at least pockets of Aspen tree groves turning to their golden color. Throughout the years, we have made sure to get into the mountains during September to see the beautiful leaves and although each year is very similar, each year is also unique. Depending on how much rain the mountains have gotten or whether there has been frost or snow already can certainly change how dramatic the autumn colors are when we go hiking. Generally speaking, when we go hiking during autumn, it is more about the beautiful scenery and less about going on a strenuous hike, so these hikes are some of the most enjoyable.

Leaves on the Trail
Looking Up at the Blue Skies
Colorful Scenery
Aspen Grove
Looking Towards Pikes Peak
Looking Across Mountains
Rugged Hut Along the Trail

The great thing about hiking in the high country is that you get a mix of seeing the changing colors up close as well as the tapestry of colors across the skyline. The park that we usually hike in September is located on the backside of Pikes Peak and the scenery is always amazing regardless of the time of year. The colors are mostly the golds and yellows of the aspen groves surrounded by the deep greens of the pine trees, which is different than the reds and oranges that you find in most other places. If you get a chance to visit Colorado in autumn, we’d highly recommend that you get into the mountains, even if just by car.

Stand Alone Tree
Hiking the Trail
More Views from the Trail
Beautiful Scenery
The Colorado Mountains
Shadows on the Trail
Some Leaves Starting to Change

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