Stunning Seven Falls in Colorado Springs, Colorado

The are many wonderful waterfalls throughout Colorado, especially when you hike in the high country during early summer. Not everyone, however, has time to get into the high country, so if you are visiting Colorado Springs it is definitely worth while to go to Seven Falls. Although it is seven distinct falls, it is really one waterfall that cascades across seven distinct rock faces to create the seven unique falls. The entire area is beautiful and well worth walking through the canyon where the falls reside. If you are willing to climb the 224 steps to the top of the falls, you will be rewarded with wonderful views and also have the option to hike one of the trails that are at the top. Across from the falls, you will find an elevator that will take you to a viewing platform that provides wonderful views of Seven Falls. Even if you hike to the top of the falls, the views from the platform give you a different perspective of the falls.

View of Seven Falls from the Observation Deck
People Climbing the Steep Stairs
Waterfall with Pool
Looking Down from the Falls

Going up the steep stairs that are adjacent to the falls, even if only part of the way, is certainly worth the effort as it gives you an opportunity to see the various waterfalls up close. There are a few rest areas on the staircase that allow you to not only take a break, but have the opportunity to step out of the way of others and enjoy the amazing views. At least for us, going down the stairs was a little more unnerving than heading up the stairs just because they are so steep and you spend the entire time looking down. Once you reach the bottom, however, there is a restaurant and an outdoor sitting area where you can enjoy something cool to drink.

Restaurant and River at the Base of Seven Falls
Powerful Waterfall
Getting Close to the Top
Observation Deck from Below

There is a fairly healthy price to visit the falls, $16.50 for adults thirteen and older and $10.50 for children two to twelve, which is certainly something to take into consideration. If you visit at dusk, the falls are lit up and during the holidays the lights are changed to multiple colors to make it even more festive. Just to visit the falls and climb the stairs, you should give yourself at least a couple of hours, but it is likely to take you closer to a half-day, especially if you stop in the restaurant for a meal.

Looking Down at a Waterfall
From the Base of the Falls
Tunnel to the Elevator to Get to Observation Deck
Canyon with Seven Falls

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  1. Bewildered Brown Eyes

    I remember visiting here in the 90s. It was freezing cold and interesting to see the water still flowing in parts. It is nice to see it still exists and is open; maybe one day I’ll get back here. Thank you for sharing!

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