We are in the Middle of a Few Days in the Serengeti

We are in the middle of the second day in the Serengeti. It is once again a completely different experience and magnificent in every way. We chose not to bring a computer in order to save on space, so we will have to wait until we get home to go through the 5,000 photographs that we have taken. With another five and a half days on safari and several days in Nairobi, the numbers will be staggering. Until then we can transfer from the camera, we are limited to pictures from our phones, but we still have thousands to choose from. We have already seen the “Big Five”, lion, rhino, water buffalo, elephant, and we saw the leopard yesterday. WIFI continues to be spotty, so we will post again at the next chance that we get.

One of two leopards that we saw yesterday
We have seen over 40 lions and we will get to see many more
Hawk on the top of a tree

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