Enjoying the Traditional Dish of Bún Chả in Hanoi, Vietnam

During our trip to Vietnam, we went to the same Bún Chả restaurant twice because we enjoyed it so much. Bún chả is thought to have originated in Hanoi and it is a dish made of ground pork and noodles, which typically served with egg rolls. We actually learned to cook Bún Chả during the cooking class that we took while we were in Hanoi. Many people think of Pho when they think of Vietnamese cooking, but Bún Chả is certainly just as popular, at least in the region around the capital city.

Other Guests Enjoying Bún Chả
The Pork Meatballs for Our Bún Chả
Recommended Bún Chả Restaurant in Hanoi’s Old Quarter
Our First Restaurant Version of Bún Chả

One of things that makes Bún Chả different from Pho is that Pho is a soup, but the liquid in Bún Chả is used as a dipping sauce and isn’t meant to be slurped up with a spoon. It is definitely a menu item that you will find at most of the street side restaurants where everyone gathers around in the colorful, tiny chairs. We don’t usually eat the same meal several times during a trip as we want to try as many variations of local dishes as possible so it was very unusual to actually eat Bún Chả three different times during our two week trip.

The Tiny Chairs at Street Side Restaurant
Frying the Spring Rolls at Our Cooking Class
Bún Chả on Our Last Night in Hanoi

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