Enjoying a Hearty Breakfast for Dinner

We have mentioned several times that we don’t often eat in the morning, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t enjoy eating foods that are typically served for breakfast. We have cooked several different styles of breakfast for dinner over the years and are sharing a few of them here. As you can tell, when we do have breakfast for dinner, it tends to be a little more decadent and heavy than perhaps what we would eat if we had it in the morning. One of the things that we enjoy about making breakfast for dinner as the meals are usually easy to make and don’t typically take a lot of ingredients. They also tend to be meals made from items that we already have in our refrigerator or pantry.

Croissant French Toast with Caramelized Apples

Croissant French Toast – This is a slightly upscale take on French toast with caramelized apples. It is absolutely delicious and could even be done as a dessert as well as a breakfast or dinner.

Classic English Breakfast

Classic English Breakfast – One of the things that we enjoy eating wherever we travel is a classic English or Irish breakfast. It is a unique combination of eggs, beans, sausage, ham, mushrooms, blood pudding, and tomatoes.

Tasty Breakfast Skillet Meal

Breakfast Skillet – These are typically a combination of fried potatoes, eggs, cheese, and often a variety of vegetables. These can be modified to fit almost any style of food, but our version is Spanish in style.

Shrimp Frittata Just Before Putting It in the Oven

Shrimp Frittata – Frittatas are a wonderful way to take a variety of leftovers and turn them into something special. We used shrimp, which certainly made this more of a dinner than a traditional breakfast, but it was wonderful.

The Poblano Scramble

Poblano Pepper Scramble – Similar to a frittatas and omelettes, scrambles are another great way to add whatever fresh items you have on hand. They can also be modified to represent various parts of the world or country. This was definitely a Southwestern style scramble with use of the poblano peppers.

Regardless of what style of breakfast you like to have it is probably true that it can be converted to a hearty dinner. These are just a few of the ones that we have made and we certainly enjoyed them all. Do you ever have breakfast for dinner?

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  1. jasonlikestotravel

    So many places in the UK offer an “all day” English breakfast on their menu so definitely acceptable to have for dinner haha. Good food at any hour 🙂

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