The Unique Scenery of Hiking in Colorado

Besides the physical benefits of hiking, the main reason to go hiking is to enjoy the beauty of nature. Without a doubt, the scenery in the mountains of Colorado is absolutely stunning. It is fascinating to see the way that the geological forces have joined with the forces of rain, wind, and time to create such unique features in the landscape. People will often see patterns in everything that they look at as it is a natural way for our minds to make sense of the world. When you look at a trail map, it is not uncommon to see names given to natural landmarks as a way to identify them based upon what people feel it looks like. This is obviously true around the world as well and we enjoy looking at some of them and asking ourselves does it really look like the name that it has been given.

Kissing Camels in Garden of the Gods Park
Up Close, the Kissing Camels Are Not as Obvious
Hiking Towards Monument Rock
Monument Rock in Colorado
These Rocks May or May Not Have a Name
Paint Mines Interpretive Park near Colorado Springs

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