Enjoying Festive Christmas Trees During Our Travels

Although we weren’t able to travel over the holidays this year, it is something that we would do quite often. It is quite common to find a festive Christmas tree lit up in the center of town for everyone to enjoy. Sometimes they are located inside of the local church or even in the lobby of the hotels. We have seen many different trees in various countries and cities, all uniquely different. We certainly couldn’t choose a favorite since each is special in its own way. Although we certainly enjoy being at home with our own decorations and tree with ornaments that we’ve collected over the years, we do miss traveling this year and seeing the traditions of another country. Here are a few of our favorite trees that we have seen throughout our travels.

Christmas Tree in the Old Town Square of Prague
Christmas Tree in Frankfurt, Germany
Christmas Tree in Brasov, Romania
Christmas Tree in Denver from 2019
Christmastime in Strasbourg, France
Christmas Tree on a Restaurant Wall in Strasbourg
Christmas Tree in Las Vegas
Fountain and Christmas Decorations in Punta Cana

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