Some of the Best Travel Memories Have Nothing to Do With the Destination

Whenever we travel to a place, we are always excited to see all of the amazing places that the location has to offer. Castles, ruins, monuments, national parks, or city centers are all fascinating and make for wonderful memories when we return home. However, sometimes, it is just sitting in a little bistro and watching the crowds or going for a walk along the river that become some of our favorite memories.

We Watched These Children Film a Holiday Special in Strasbourg
Meeting a Fellow Blogger in Rome
Sitting in an Outdoor Café in Athens, Greece

We always try to make sure that we have time to relax during our travels or to find something different to do that we didn’t know about before arriving. It is often those little surprises that weren’t planned or the time simply spent together enjoying each other’s company in a unique environment that come to our minds when we look back at our different trips. It can even be the conversations that we have with the locals in a restaurant or hotel that put a smile on our faces when we think back about our time.

Finding Some Shade on a 114 Degree Day Outside of Aswan, Egypt
Toasting with a Glass of Champagne on Christmas Eve in Prague
Taking a Stroll Through the Side Streets of Quito, Ecuador

Clearly we take the time to see as many of the important sights as we can when we visit a city or country, so our memories are often a mix of tourist locations and simple moments. Do you ever think back about a trip and remember a time that had nothing to do with a specific location or sight that you were planning on seeing?

Sitting at a Restaurant in the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain
Finding Food Trucks in Budapest, Hungary
Watching Children Chase Pigeons in Cochabamba, Bolivia

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