Unique Crafts at European Christmas Markets

Other than the crowds, there isn’t much not to love about the Christmas markets that can be found throughout Europe. With beer, wine, savory food, and sweets, they will definitely leave you with your senses satisfied, but the main reason for going to the Christmas markets is to see the unique vendors selling interesting crafts. We found several items throughout our various visits to cities to bring home as a reminder of our time there.

Interesting Fairy Masks
Whimsical Figurines
Unique Gifts

Obviously we were limited on what we could buy without having to ship things home, so we did more “window shopping” than actual shopping. That didn’t stop us for enjoying some of the more unique items that could be found for sale in the markets. In fact, in many cases we had to take a photograph of the items just so that we could remember them better. This year will likely be far different than years past with large crowds and hundreds of vendors selling their items, but hopefully they will occur in some shape or form.

Handmade Christmas Decorations
Colorful Details on the Holiday Figurines
We Bought a Mozart Luminary from this Vendor

You don’t have to live in Europe to enjoy European style Christmas markets. We have been to wonderful ones in Denver as well as Chicago and we’re sure that there are ones in most major cities, especially those with a heavy European influence.

A Little Bit of Everything
Intricate Candles
Angels Galore

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