The St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, Louisiana

Located in Jackson Square in New Orleans is the St. Louis Cathedral. The cathedral dominates the skyline as you walk around the square or along the waterfront. We had visited during the holidays, so the interior of the church was decorated for Christmas, adding to the beauty of cathedral. Although there has been a church on the grounds since 1721, the St. Louis Cathedral was constructed between 1789 and the initial completion occurred in December of 1794. There were many enhancements to the cathedral over the years, including the addition of a clock and bells.

Jackson Square, Andrew Jackson’s Statue, and the St. Louis Cathedral
The Cathedral Organ
The Altar Display
The Baptistry

In 1964, the St. Louis Cathedral was dedicated as a minor basilica by Pope Paul VI. There is a statue of Andrew Jackson across from the cathedral to commemorate his triumph over the British which occurred there. The ceilings of the cathedral have wonderful artwork, which is quite beautiful to see. One of the most fascinating features within the cathedral is the Scallop Shell Pulpit that allows the voice of the speaker to bounce off of the soundboard and back towards the congregation.

St. Louis Cathedral
Ornate Ceiling
Scallop Shell Pulpit
The Cathedral Interior

Although the cathedral has actually been rebuilt three times, it is the oldest continually active cathedral in the United States. Needless to say, there are many places to see when planning a visit to New Orleans, but seeing the St. Louis Cathedral should certainly be on your itinerary. You will likely find many different performers and people selling local art in the courtyard outside of the church entrance.

At the Edge of the Park
Walking into Jackson Square
Looking Up at the Clock Tower
Nativity Scene Inside the Cathedral
Stained Glass Window
Joan of Arc Statue

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