Enjoying Amazing Scenery While Driving Through the Colorado Mountains

The mountains of Colorado are certainly quite stunning and there are lots of destinations to head to where you can be surrounded by incredible views. As the saying goes, it isn’t always about the destination, but about the journey as well and that is certainly true when the journey includes a drive through Colorado’s high country. There are some areas that aren’t particularly that interesting, but for much of it there are literally beautiful scenes around every corner.

Driving Through the Mountains
Looking Up from the Road
Boats on the Lake
Mountains in the Distance

During our drive to Telluride not that long ago, we captured as much of the drive as we could. It was a long drive, so we didn’t stop to take photographs, so all of these images were taken through the windows of our car as we made our way through the different mountain ranges until we finally reached our destination. Along the way, there were mountain peaks, national forests, as well as lakes and rivers. Seeing the rafters navigating the white water of the river certainly reminded us of our times rafting here in Colorado.

Rafters on the River
Colorful Rocks and No Traffic
Rocky Hills
Dramatic Mountain Peaks

The scenery of Colorado really starts with the Front Range and then heads west towards Utah as the drive eastward towards Kansas is certainly nothing to look forward to. Whenever driving through Colorado’s high country, it is important to be sure to be aware of weather conditions from rain and snow as well as potential fires that might be in the region. Fortunately we had beautiful weather during our drive, which made the scenery that much more enjoyable.

The Start of Our Drive
Even in July, You’ll Find Snow on the Peaks
Boulders on the Hillside
Red Rocks
We Truly Enjoy Driving Through the Mountains

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