Riding Bicycles in the Ninh Binh Province of Vietnam

One of the things that was included in our tour of the Ninh Binh Province in Vietnam was riding bicycles through the countryside and along the rice paddies. Well, at least that was the description in the tour literature. We did ride bicycles, but it was not through the idyllic countryside, but rather through construction. Vietnam is known for it’s use of bicycles from the 1950’s, which aren’t as stable as modern bicycles. Add to that, we had to dodge construction trucks and ride over stones instead of a smooth path. It may be something that most tourists expect when visiting Vietnam, but we’d have preferred a quiet ride in the countryside versus a ride through a construction zone.

Stones on the Road and a Truck Up Ahead
It Would Have Been Pretty Without the Construction
More of an Adventure than a Quiet Ride
This is Closer to What the Tour Guides Would Like You to See

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