Adventures on the Water

There have been many different times during our travels where we either had to travel by water to reach our destination or we chose to take a tour on the water. Generally speaking, travel by water is not our first choice, but looking back it is amazing how often we end up in a boat. In fact, at least recently, almost every trip we’ve taken has ended up with some sort of water excursion. Here are a few of the different water adventures that we’ve enjoyed, but it is certainly just a sampling. Do you enjoy traveling by boat or taking cruises?

You Can’t Go to Amsterdam Without Taking a River Cruise
Taking a Ride on a Pirate Ship in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Taking a Cruise Ship Down the Nile River in Egypt
Taking a Boat from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean Through the Panama Canal
Doing an Overnight Cruise in Halong Bay in Vietnam
Canoeing the Tributaries of the Amazon River in Ecuador
Whitewater Rafting in Colorado
Rowing with Their Feet in Vietnam

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