Colorful Buildings

Especially in dense cities, it is not uncommon to have certain buildings painted with bright colors in order to stand out. Whether it is the entire building front or just the doors and windows, it is a way to make a unique statement in an otherwise homogeneous landscape. A lot of the time it is a business that is trying to draw your attention, but a lot of the time is a residential home where the owners simply expressing their uniqueness. We enjoy seeing these buildings during our travels and often take photographs of them even though they aren’t of any historical significance. Here are just a few of the colorful buildings that we have seen during our travels.

Colorful Doors and Windows in an Irish Seaside Village
Colorful Building with Canal Views
Interesting Color Patterns in La Paz, Bolivia
Colorful Architecture in Bratislava
Colorful Buildings of Reykjavik
Colorful Doors in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia
One of the Many Colorful Buildings in New Orleans

4 thoughts on “Colorful Buildings

  1. Oh I love your colorful buildings. I think my favorite one is the white with the jolts of colors for the doors and windows. I really pops πŸ˜€

  2. Brilliant! I love colourful buildings of all types. In Italy we don’t really get them because towns tend to have very strict limitations on what you can and can’t do when building something πŸ™

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