Guinigi Tower in Lucca, Italy

During our trip to Tuscany, Italy, one of the places that we visited was Lucca. It was a day trip from Florence that took us to both Lucca and Pisa. Lucca itself is a wonderful little city with beautiful and historic architecture. Located in the heart of the city is the Torre Guinigi (Guinigi Tower), which is one of the few tower houses that were built in Lucca. If you plan a visit to Lucca, the Torre Guinigi should not be missed with its oak trees on the roof and amazing views.

Views from the Guinigi Tower
Rooftop Garden and Shade Trees
Nearing the Top
Narrow Streets of Lucca

Built in the late 1300’s by the Guinigi family, who were wealthy merchants in the area, the tower certainly stands out amongst the other buildings in Lucca. The climb up the 235 stairs to the top of the 125 foot tower is certainly worth it as you are rewarded with amazing views of the historic city. If the views of the city weren’t enough, the roof garden with its oak trees for shade are equally fascinating. One can imagine the wealthy Guinigi family sitting on the rooftop to escape the heat of city below with its warm breezes and wonderful shade trees.

Amazing Views of Lucca with Mountains in the Background
Lucca Cathedral
Looking Down at the Stairs of the Tower
Looking Out Through the Trees

As you look down at the rooftops from the Torre Guinigi, you get a true sense of the narrow, winding streets of the city. The Lucca Cathedral, or Cathedral of Saint Martin, clearly dominates the cityscape. The color variations of the church tower are even more dramatic when viewed from the Guinigi Tower. The cathedral, which dates back to 1070, is also something that should not be missed when visiting Lucca.

City Rooftops
Historic Buildings in Lucca
Following Signs to the Tower
Countryside in the Distance

There is a small fee in order to go to the top of the Torre Guinigi, but it is certainly worth the nominal price. We visited during the off-season, so there were no other tourists with us as we went to the roof to enjoy the views of the city and the Tuscan countryside. Unfortunately it was an overcast day, but that didn’t diminish how beautiful the scenery was from the rooftop.

Oak Trees on the Tower Rooftop
Beautiful Views in All Directions from the Tower
Window on the Tower Stairs
Looking Up at the Stairs Inside of the Torre Guinigi

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  1. When we were in Florence I remember hearing something about the wealthy families of old all trying to show off their wealth and status with taller and taller towers and homes. I guess we benefit today from their one-up-man-ship back then!

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