The Monkeys of Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a British Territory located in Southern Spain where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. It is a very interesting place to visit for a variety of regions and hiking the trail that leads to the summit of the famous Rock of Gibraltar is obviously number one on the list. We took the cable car to the summit and then hiked down the trail, which includes going into the caves that served as part of the fortress system. As interesting as that is, seeing the monkeys that live along the trail is also very fascinating.

Barbary Macaque
Moneys on the Trail
He Looks Cute, But He Could Be Trouble

The monkeys are Barbary Macaques that have inhabited the area for hundreds of years, if not even more. There are several theories as to how the macaques came to live in what is now Gibraltar, but no one is sure if they were introduced by the Moors, migrated there naturally, or brought by some other group of people. Either way, they can’t be missed if you decide to take the trail that provides stunning views of the area.

Sitting Right in the Middle of the Trail
Views from the Rock of Gibraltar
Rock of Gibraltar

Although the monkeys look cute, it is important to remember that these are wild animals and should not be approached. In fact, they are the only wild monkey population in any part of Europe. You also need to be very careful with your cameras, purses, or other items that you might carry as they are known for grabbing them and running away. As long as you treat them with the respect that they deserve, they will enhance what is already a wonderful experience.

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