How to Make Getaways with Your Dog a Blast for You Both

Today we are featuring a guest article from Nick at Our Best Doggo who embraces traveling with their dogs.

What could be more fun than a getaway with your best furry sidekick? If you and Fido are thinking of hitting the road, you’ll need to make some preparations to ensure you both have a blast. Read on for a few key tips to ensure fabulous adventures with your pup.emerson-peters-oBCT3obZ6OY-unsplash

Modes of Travel

Generally speaking, road travel is the most dog-friendly option for going away with your faithful companion. However, it’s necessary to prepare in a manner that will keep you both comfortable in the car. For instance, even if he’s well-behaved, your dog will require some sort of restraint to keep you both safe while driving.

There are seat belt harnesses, barriers, and crates that keep your dog safely contained when you’re ready to roll. If you need to go out without him at some point, a crate also allows you to do so without worry, as it provides den-like comfort to your pooch and peace of mind for you. Many fold up to carry easily, and you can set it up in your hotel or vacation rental. Just make sure you invest in a crate big enough for your dog to stand, turn around, and lay down easily.darya-tryfanava-prUJinnPAlg-unsplash

Hitting the Open Road

Even though road trips are a dog-friendly travel mode, they still require some thought. Plan to stop every hour or two for you and your dog to stretch your legs, and for Fido to do his “business.” HowStuffWorks points out virtually every gas station and fast-food restaurant that has a grassy strip you can use for exercising your dog, so it’s not hard to find places to take breaks.

You should offer your dog a drink at stops as well. If you bring along a bowl, you can always get water from a restroom or drive through to shake his thirst.

Of course, air travel is an option for you and your dog. Airlines have an abundance of regulations for pets and their parents, and as People explains, those rules and policies vary by airline. It’s not impossible; just do your homework and you should also consider acclimating your dog to places with busy, airport-like atmospheres before your trip.andrew-shiau-PqiOXMaz1D0-unsplash

Plan for Pet-Friendly

We all need to get away from it all now and then, and you want to feel at ease throughout your adventures with your dog. At the same time, other travelers aren’t always comfortable with dogs, and many places don’t allow pets. Because of this, a little bit of planning can go a long way in keeping everyone content.

With that in mind, think through your destination. As WPZL explains, not all locations are equally pet-friendly. Take into account things like the weather, animal protection laws, and whether there will be things to do together when you arrive.

Whatever destination you choose, make sure you find a dog-friendly place for you and Fido to rest at night. There are numerous pet-friendly hotels to choose from, although many dog owners like the privacy of a vacation rental — and there are still options aplenty; just use a filter when you’re researching your lodging. And of course, if you and your pooch enjoy sleeping under the stars, camping is another dog-friendly choice!Picture1

Activities and Adventures

Since you’re going to the trouble of planning a vacay with Fido, of course you want to be able to do things together once you reach your destination. Thankfully, there are virtually limitless possibilities! You can take your dog to fun dog parks, restaurants, and other attractions like zoos and amusement parks. The world is Fido’s oyster!

Just double-check policies before you buy tickets, make sure vaccinations are up to date, know where area vets are (just in case!) and keep your dog on a sturdy leash. The last thing you want is to become separated in a strange place!

Are you ready to get away with your best buddy? Plan your adventure carefully, research your destination, and invest in appropriate gear. Then, have a blast making amazing memories!

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