How to Travel Well When You’re on a Budget

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Travel enriches lives. Travel educates, it expands and deepens perspectives, it allows for rest and rejuvenation, and when traveling with others it strengthens relationships. Perhaps you’re feeling the itch to live in wonder, act outside of your comfort zone, and try new experiences.

While experiencing other places is a cornerstone of a well-lived life, many people feel like they can’t travel due to finances. However, travel is manageable for any budget with a little planning and saving where possible. Let’s discuss ways to travel smartly so that you can have a wonderful experience — even when you’re on a budget.

Rent a Car from Enterprise

If your car is not very reliable or runs high in gas mileage, then it’s worth considering renting a car for road trips and trips to farther destinations. A rental car is also particularly useful if you are traveling with a larger group and want to avoid paying for airline tickets. To save on travel costs when getting to your destination, and to ensure you have a reliable vehicle with adequate space, consider renting a car from companies such as Enterprise. Renting from Enterprise is easy and affordable on any budget, especially when you use promo codes to save more money.

Consider Nearby Travel

While cross-country trips and foreign travel have their appeal, many cannot afford the costs associated with longer voyages. For some, their work schedule does not afford adequate time off to accommodate long-distance travel, and for others, the costs associated with airline tickets may not be in the cards. Whatever the reason may be, short trips or exploring your hometown may be the better option. Many forget to explore the treasures and landmarks nearby home, which can be just as rewarding and fulfilling as traveling afar.

Save on Food

A large part of a travel budget is spent on food. If you can avoid eating out, even for one meal a day, you will save quite a bit of money. Here are some ways to save on food:

  • Rent an Airbnb or extended-stay hotel that has a kitchen that allows you to prepare a few meals yourself.
  • Stay at a hotel that serves a free breakfast and monopolize on their free coffee or tea all day. Many hotels even offer a free midday snack.
  • If traveling by car, pack a cooler full of food and snacks.
  • Carry snacks with you while traveling around your destination to avoid accumulating little overpriced expenses.
  • Carry a reusable water bottle with you and fill at water fountains, cafes, and restaurants.
  • Use discounts, coupons, and promo codes when available.
  • If eating out, try to choose spots further away from high tourist destinations.

Take Advantage of Free/Low-Cost Activities

Take advantage of all your travel destination has to offer by looking for free events to attend, free/low-cost museums and parks, and so forth. Cities offer a wide variety of entertainment for their citizens and tourists that are full of enriching learning experiences, physical activities, and entertainment. You can even search online for routes and key destinations and host your own self-guided walking tour. Attend local farmer’s markets to get a feel of what local artisans and farmers are offering. Plus, many of the products will be unique to the area.

Traveling is meant to be an enjoyable, life-enriching, and positive experience. You can have a great time and still stay within budget. Use Enterprise rental car services in order to get the perfect-size, reliable car at a great price. Explore all the nearby spots around you that are full of rich sites and events. Finally, by planning ahead of time, save on food, entertainment, and activities by looking for free or low-cost options.

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