Seeing Unusual Animals During Travels

There are some places where you expect to see some unusual animals, such as when going to the jungle or desert. Some places are associated with certain animals, so they often use them as part of tourist attractions, like riding a camel or seeing a snake charmer. Other times, it is simply a random event where you just happen to see animals in their natural environment as part of a hike. We have certainly seen our fair share of different animals, some of them cute and some of them not so much. Whenever we see animals, we do our best to get a photograph of them, with varying results. Do you take photographs of animals during your travels?

Mountain Goats
Three-Toed Tree Sloth
Adorable Baby Monkey
Llama on Moon Island in Bolivia
Agouti in Panama
Camel in Egypt
Snake Charmer in Morocco
Bird on the Porch of Our Eco Lodge
Tarantula Crawling Out of a Tree
Blurry Picture of Giant River Otters in the Amazon Jungle

16 thoughts on “Seeing Unusual Animals During Travels

  1. Interesting critters. Canโ€™t say that I liked the tarantula, but thatโ€™s because spiders terrify me. On our trip to Italy last year, we took many animal photos – but they were of the multitude of dogs and cats everywhere. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. I rode a dromedary through the Sahara in Morocco. Though they were beautiful animals, letโ€™s just say it wasnโ€™t the most comfortable ride!

  3. travelingwithmiriandmargo

    Those are all amazing shots but I love the one of the snake charmer! What an amazing experience to get to watch!

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