Waterfalls in the Jungle

Waterfalls are always beautiful no matter where you see them, but they can be even more dramatic in the jungle. There have been a couple of occasions where we have specifically gone on excursions just to see a waterfall and we weren’t disappointed when we did. The first and one of the most dramatic was in Coroico, Bolivia, which we visited after driving down Death Road. We hiked along a trail that was lined with cocoa trees to a clearing where a large waterfall cascaded down from the cliffs above. You almost always have the opportunity to swim beneath the waterfall if you so desire. Recently, while in Panama, we followed a small stream off of the main river to another interesting waterfall.  Although not quite as dramatic as the one in Bolivia, it was still a beautiful waterfall.

Waterfall at Coroico, Bolivia
Enjoying the View
Powerful Waterfall in Panama
Looking Up at the Water Flowing Down the Cliff
Coroico Waterfall from the Distance
Hiking to the Waterfall in Panama
View from the Observation Deck
Panama Waterfall from the Distance
A Perspective of It’s Height


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