Contrasting Images with Black and White Photography

Needless to say, when traveling we take all of photographs in high-def and in color. With that said, we convert some photographs to black and white because it provides a different feel and some features actually jump out even more. We like black and white photographs so much that we have a small display of them in our home with very simple black frames around them. Generally speaking, we tend not to alter our photographs when posting them on any type of social media, but converting them to black and white is one of the rare exceptions, although we do that mostly for ourselves. Here are a few of favorite photographs that we have changed to black and white.

Monkey in Panama
Rock of Gibraltar
Balancing Rock in India
Young Girl in Bolivia
Eiffel Tower in Autumn
Heidelberg Castle
Mountains in Iceland
Quilotoa in Ecuador


7 thoughts on “Contrasting Images with Black and White Photography

  1. Editing and posting in black and white is definitely something I rarely think of, but it’s often worth thinking about.
    I will sometimes also desaturate the shot so that just a hint of a dominant colour remains. I do like that approach sometimes.

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